Engineer Khalili

Engineer Khalili

President & CEO

Engineer Khalili is the CEO of Informatics Business Solutions Sdn Bhd. He has excellent analytical business skills and the vision to provide the most effective and innovative solutions. Before 15 years, he decided to become an entrepreneur and launched his business with the goal of providing quality service rather than focusing on economic statistics. At this age, he has over ten years of experience in various IT sectors such as management, development, and e-marketing. With his tireless efforts, Informatics Business Solutions Sdn. Bhd. has established itself as a leading provider of IT solutions. He holds a master’s degree in software engineering from the United Kingdom. Our dedicated team is led by Engineer Khalil, who is both passionate and dynamic.

Engineer Khalili, the driving force behind our success, brings extensive experience and expertise to the table. They empower our team to achieve exceptional results by leveraging their proven track record of leadership and commitment to excellence.
Informatics Business Solutions Sdn Bhd is committed to fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement. Under Engineer Khalili’s leadership, our team collaborates seamlessly, leveraging each member’s strengths to achieve our common goals. Engineer Khalili’s clear vision and hands-on approach ensure that every project is executed with precision and care, exceeding client expectations at every stage.

It is just because of his extraordinary talent and management skills, which has led Informatics Business Solutions Sdn. Bhd. to become giant family of skilled professionals.

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